Thursday, October 9, 2008

Horsemanshit of the day photo

more icelandic horse horrible riding. What is the problem.... is this horse so untrained it takes brutality to handle it? Who would have thought someone could make a simple snaffle bit an instrument of torture.... sheesh!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Curly Junior slideshow!

curly Ray Junior

Curly Junior has arrived

his ears are back in every photo except one, and thats when he is about to kick :) Is he is daddy's chile or what?!?! what should I name him....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A handsome icelandic horse guy

This is my icelandic horse named Boo Radley from MockingBird farms. His barn name is Trausti. he was scared of me at first, then aloof, but now he has decided I am oookkkkk

good for an ailin back!

My awesome saddle. its fits all horses cause its treeless. It's a Sensatiopn Hybrid with safety orange chameleon package. its like buttah. I ride my icelandic horse with it!

If the one elected as president wants to make a real difference and change in this country he needs to take a chronological record of all action taken by the Bush administration from day one, and do the exact opposite for eight years.

oh the horsemanshit!

Oh I am so impressed aren't you?? what is she nuts? i guess this just proves icelandic horses are as nice as walking horses--- they'll put up with all manner of hell. The icelandic horse as a breed is shamed by displays such as this!

Nasi is sad...

an Icelandic horse Saga writen by an American!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Faye's a comin!

oh lawd please don let hurrikin faye tumble over mah florida cracker double wahd!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Hall of Shame Photo of the day

Here is this weeks photo of the day :) Here is Icelandic Horse WGC Jarl with blood in his mouth from the bit contact cutting his tongue.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

icelandic dressage

Here ya go. This idiot on this icelandic horse actually thinks this is "dressage". That the horse is "collected" haha. Can you imagine ANYONE thinking its ok to ride like this?!?!? Most people KNOW a horse has a blind spot looking down like this, and has no way of seeing where its going. Can you imagine the stress, the adrenalin, the panic a horse must feel made to go like this, just blind, mouth in pain, nose in pain, neck in pain. oh, and notice the horse has on his little bell boots for "protection". From what? Snakes on the track? Human snakes maybe...

MAKE that icelandic horse gait!!

How to make gait for idiots:

if you want to make your horse gait that is in and out... people inTennesee have known about this for decades. even centuries. And moreand more icelandic trainers have known about this for decades, peoplelike Walter Feldman, Gudmar, etc. its very simple actually. andeveryone in America who is really into the gaited horse scene prettymuch knows this.... any decent farrier knows it, even the indecentfarriers know it, especially the indecent farriers....are you ready? Get a pencil.If its pacey, weighted shoes on front.if its trotty, weighted shoes on back.Sometimes the shoes dont even have to be weighted, just the weight ofa shoe will "square up" the horse as they say here.Sometimes just the weight of bell boots in front will square up a horse.HOWEVER, and here's the downside... once your horse gets used to theweight and gaiting with it and develops timing for it, if you everremove the shoes, voila, the horse won't gait at all. And if it wasnaturally gaited to begin with, the gait will come back gradually. Ifit wasnt naturally gaited, and was trotty or pacey, that horse is notnaturally gaited and will always have to have that weight to gait,which stresses bones and joints and tendons and over the years breaksthe horse down.also saddlefit/rider position. if you find the last rib (wanda posteda video recently about that, I am gonna put it on my blog) and therear of the saddle and your weight are over the loin at that last rib,you can get a horse to tolt that way, through pain. They will archthe back a little and really tolt. Its amazing how far just a littlepain goes in producing gait! You can even make a Quarterhorse rackdoing this, its truly spectacular what a horse will do when in pain!and the better, more gentle, loving, smarter horses are the best atfollowing orders even when in pain. They dont fight back, you see.So the best force-gaited horses are the ones who allow mistreatmentthe best! The renegades get sold to idiots like me and you, the smartones who fight back and say heck no, I aint taking it no more. Thenwe love them and forgive them and teach them humans arent so awful andthen the joke is on them, because we get the best horses. some arewell gaited, some are not, but all are grateful to be able to bethemselves.I am just glad we dont have anyone out there saying I need to be abasketball star in the NBA cause I am really not built for it.

Here is a video of how to find the last rib, where the loins are, from Wanda in saskatchewan. Idiots could use that as a tool to how to create pain and tolt in a horse. Decent people can use it to help their horse achieve gait naturally (a forever situation instead of a temporary forced gait situation)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

My boyfriend David

Here is a pic of my boyfriend David. He just left and had to go back to Italy where he has a job as a security guard standing out front and watching over some building.


Control that icelandic horse BEAST!

Wow, this icelandic horse must be a berserk wild heathen scalded by spewing lava flow from a volcano because the rider apparently has to haul on those reins with all his might just to keep the little pony head from doing what it wants. Like... what is he thinking it might do? Bolt? Buck? Horses can't breathe through the mouth you know, not at all. they have to breathe through the nose, so the mouth gaping like that is either to avoid the pain of the bit or just a contortion from the effort of struggling to draw a feeble breath through that clamped on noseband. What a brave strong rider to be able to dominate and restrain through sheer force this tyranessaurus rex of a mighty giant raving maniac horse! give him a hand! clapclapclap thunderous applause stomp clap whistle (a viking blows an antler horn)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

my blog is awesome!

I am really enjoying starting my new blog! Its not as hard as I thought! My blog vision is for a site that is outrageous and funny yet manages to actually do something about the way horses are treated, and offer my unique and sometimes controversial viewpoint about life. I want to be a little controversial, enough to attract people to post. My life experience has been that of -- if something is bland people don't care much about it. But if its all stirred up like a hornets nest everyone will come running like when there is a high school fight... and then when they come running, maybe they will stop long enough to learn something.... here is a good thing to learn about, for instance:


Saturday, August 2, 2008

She's heeereeeee

Finally, here I am. Everybody wants me to start a blog because I am:

1. so very funny
2. so very snarky
3. I don't geive a rats ass who I offend
4. I care more about my horses than I do about humans
5. so very irreverent and offensive yet hilarious
6. a gifted satirist
7. a person they said should go to blog rehab but i said a- NO NO NO
8. a person who can be the underworld connection for icelandic horses, the icelandic horse underground activist.
9. a person incapable of smarmy pulp.

velcome. Vee haff veys to make you toelte....


The Amazing Janice

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Janice McDonald resides in a tiny Northwest Florida Hamlet just north of Fountain Florida and South of Dothan Alabama. She is employed as a bureaucrat and Govt. Professor and has many interesting and amazing views on the way things are, and should be. Everyone tells her she should write a book but New York publishers are not interested in publishing interesting writers anymore because times are hard and they can't take a risk and publish anyone unless they are already Stephen King or Danielle Steel. Janice owns several horses of various gaited breeds, one donkey, Curly Ray, who has his own blog, two parrots, three dogs, several chickens and geese and three cats.

Hall of Shame photo of the day

Hall of Shame photo of the day
It takes a big strong man to control a fuzzy little pony! Yee Hawww

Biglick vs Bell Boots

Tennessee Walking Horses Wear Padded Weighted Shoes
Icelandic horses wear padded weighted bell boots
Tennessee Walking Horses wear long shanked bits
Icelandic Horses do too, along with tight dropped nosebands cutting off all air so they can't breathe
Tennessee Walking Horses are ridden in a chair seat so that rider weight on the loins causes pain, ventroflexion of the back and a racking gait
Icelandic horses are ridden in tight, illfitting narrow saddles by riders sitting on the loins which causes pain, ventroflexion of the back and a racking gait.
Tennesee Walking Horses are ridden with tight reins cranking the head into an unnatural position to force gait
Icelandic Horses are ridden with tight reins cranking the head into an unnatural position to force gait.
The smooth natural signatire gait of the Tennessee Walking Horse has been bred nearly into extinction by the biglick show influences.
Icelandic Horses are being bred to have more slender, refined bodies and long graceful necks more reminiscent of a tiny saddlebred than a sturdy, stocky and compact icelandic pony. You cannot alter conformation in a gaited horse without sacrificing gait. Icelandic studs and mares have been given high breeding evaluation scores based on heavy mane, and forced unnatural gait while having bad legs and other serious conformation flaws.

Can you think of anymore comparisons? Post them here!