Thursday, August 7, 2008

Control that icelandic horse BEAST!

Wow, this icelandic horse must be a berserk wild heathen scalded by spewing lava flow from a volcano because the rider apparently has to haul on those reins with all his might just to keep the little pony head from doing what it wants. Like... what is he thinking it might do? Bolt? Buck? Horses can't breathe through the mouth you know, not at all. they have to breathe through the nose, so the mouth gaping like that is either to avoid the pain of the bit or just a contortion from the effort of struggling to draw a feeble breath through that clamped on noseband. What a brave strong rider to be able to dominate and restrain through sheer force this tyranessaurus rex of a mighty giant raving maniac horse! give him a hand! clapclapclap thunderous applause stomp clap whistle (a viking blows an antler horn)

1 comment:

Jami said...

Maybe they should put that little contraption on the rider and add a red rubber ball to fit into that human's mouth...people are SO mean!

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Hall of Shame photo of the day

Hall of Shame photo of the day
It takes a big strong man to control a fuzzy little pony! Yee Hawww

Biglick vs Bell Boots

Tennessee Walking Horses Wear Padded Weighted Shoes
Icelandic horses wear padded weighted bell boots
Tennessee Walking Horses wear long shanked bits
Icelandic Horses do too, along with tight dropped nosebands cutting off all air so they can't breathe
Tennessee Walking Horses are ridden in a chair seat so that rider weight on the loins causes pain, ventroflexion of the back and a racking gait
Icelandic horses are ridden in tight, illfitting narrow saddles by riders sitting on the loins which causes pain, ventroflexion of the back and a racking gait.
Tennesee Walking Horses are ridden with tight reins cranking the head into an unnatural position to force gait
Icelandic Horses are ridden with tight reins cranking the head into an unnatural position to force gait.
The smooth natural signatire gait of the Tennessee Walking Horse has been bred nearly into extinction by the biglick show influences.
Icelandic Horses are being bred to have more slender, refined bodies and long graceful necks more reminiscent of a tiny saddlebred than a sturdy, stocky and compact icelandic pony. You cannot alter conformation in a gaited horse without sacrificing gait. Icelandic studs and mares have been given high breeding evaluation scores based on heavy mane, and forced unnatural gait while having bad legs and other serious conformation flaws.

Can you think of anymore comparisons? Post them here!