Thursday, October 9, 2008

Horsemanshit of the day photo

more icelandic horse horrible riding. What is the problem.... is this horse so untrained it takes brutality to handle it? Who would have thought someone could make a simple snaffle bit an instrument of torture.... sheesh!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Curly Junior slideshow!

curly Ray Junior

Curly Junior has arrived

his ears are back in every photo except one, and thats when he is about to kick :) Is he is daddy's chile or what?!?! what should I name him....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A handsome icelandic horse guy

This is my icelandic horse named Boo Radley from MockingBird farms. His barn name is Trausti. he was scared of me at first, then aloof, but now he has decided I am oookkkkk

good for an ailin back!

My awesome saddle. its fits all horses cause its treeless. It's a Sensatiopn Hybrid with safety orange chameleon package. its like buttah. I ride my icelandic horse with it!

If the one elected as president wants to make a real difference and change in this country he needs to take a chronological record of all action taken by the Bush administration from day one, and do the exact opposite for eight years.

oh the horsemanshit!

Oh I am so impressed aren't you?? what is she nuts? i guess this just proves icelandic horses are as nice as walking horses--- they'll put up with all manner of hell. The icelandic horse as a breed is shamed by displays such as this!

The Amazing Janice

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Janice McDonald resides in a tiny Northwest Florida Hamlet just north of Fountain Florida and South of Dothan Alabama. She is employed as a bureaucrat and Govt. Professor and has many interesting and amazing views on the way things are, and should be. Everyone tells her she should write a book but New York publishers are not interested in publishing interesting writers anymore because times are hard and they can't take a risk and publish anyone unless they are already Stephen King or Danielle Steel. Janice owns several horses of various gaited breeds, one donkey, Curly Ray, who has his own blog, two parrots, three dogs, several chickens and geese and three cats.

Hall of Shame photo of the day

Hall of Shame photo of the day
It takes a big strong man to control a fuzzy little pony! Yee Hawww

Biglick vs Bell Boots

Tennessee Walking Horses Wear Padded Weighted Shoes
Icelandic horses wear padded weighted bell boots
Tennessee Walking Horses wear long shanked bits
Icelandic Horses do too, along with tight dropped nosebands cutting off all air so they can't breathe
Tennessee Walking Horses are ridden in a chair seat so that rider weight on the loins causes pain, ventroflexion of the back and a racking gait
Icelandic horses are ridden in tight, illfitting narrow saddles by riders sitting on the loins which causes pain, ventroflexion of the back and a racking gait.
Tennesee Walking Horses are ridden with tight reins cranking the head into an unnatural position to force gait
Icelandic Horses are ridden with tight reins cranking the head into an unnatural position to force gait.
The smooth natural signatire gait of the Tennessee Walking Horse has been bred nearly into extinction by the biglick show influences.
Icelandic Horses are being bred to have more slender, refined bodies and long graceful necks more reminiscent of a tiny saddlebred than a sturdy, stocky and compact icelandic pony. You cannot alter conformation in a gaited horse without sacrificing gait. Icelandic studs and mares have been given high breeding evaluation scores based on heavy mane, and forced unnatural gait while having bad legs and other serious conformation flaws.

Can you think of anymore comparisons? Post them here!